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Is DivaProlash Safe ?

Yes it is.

We strongly recommend if you are sensitive try the bonder, sealant, and remover on your skin - just to make sure that you will not react to the product on your eyes.

To test the product put a little of the products to the back of your hand - let it stay on on the skin for 60 mins. Clean it off and if all is ok apply your extension.

If you are not ok you know that you can not put on the extension.

NOTE: Please read carefully the product description before buying your DivaProLash BOX.

How do I know what extension is the best for me?

You are always welcome to send us a picture and we will promptly tell you which one is your best choice.

Just make sure that the picture is clear and your eyes are clear of shadows.

We are here to assist you

send it to


How Long Does An Order Take To Arrive?

We ship 1 - 2 days after you finish your order. You will get an email with all your details. if you do not receive your goods in a timely manner, please

Contacting the carrier

Górilla warehouse at


It is the best way to get more insight into your package’s location and estimated delivery date.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept:

• All major credit cards, as shown at checkout

• Netgíró and Pei

Please note that your billing address must match the address on your credit card statement.

How To Return My Items?

Send us an email - we will drop you a line asap with all that you need to know about how to return your goods.

You can both take your goods to Górilla warehouse at Blikastaðaveg 2-6 Korputorg Or you can send your products with the post or drop. Just remember that the products need to be in the original packaging with unbroken seal.

If the product is not 100 % or something is missing please contact us at divaprolash@divaprolash.is

Remember: We strongly recommend that you return any items via a registered trackable service and obtain and retain proof of posting as we do not accept responsibility for items that fail to arrive with us.

How Can I Track My Order?

Once you place your order online, you will be able to see the details of the purchase, follow its preparation, and see shipping updates in the My Account area.