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DivaProLash line is an Innovated  DIY eyelash extension line  made for women/men/they

More than 90% of women/they lengthen and darken their lashes every day. 

It strengthens the self-esteem to look into the mirror and love what is looking back at you.

DivaProLash is made with love, integrity, and precision.

It took 4 years of testing to finally have the right product at hand.

DivaProLash is somewhat water-resistant, the system endures changes from hot to cold, and they are soft subtle, and flexible.  The lash extension can last up to 14 days depending on the application.

You can be sure that you will wake up in the morning with your lashes gushing at you in the mirror or blinking at your lover.


Who is behind DivaProLash

Hanna Kristín Didriksen Aesthetician of 34 years is the maker of this brain baby

In mid-2019 I noticed that eyelash vendors were making eyelash clusters with exceptionally thin ends to use under the lash line to create a long-lasting eyelash extension at home.

Having been in the beauty industry for almost 4 decades I instantaneously loved this Idea and started to work on it right away.  I'm one of these people that never have enough time so for me this was such a brilliant solution.

After 4 years of trying and testing Im proud to say I have the product of my dreams in my hands ready to be put into the market. 

Thoughts behind the DivaProLash creation 

DivaProLash DIU eyelash extensions are made to meet the need of a market that is pushed for time but still wants to stay at the top of its game with beautiful lashes.

Why should you choose DivaProLash 

  1. Quality product
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Perfect for all circumstances
  4. Easy to fix
  5. Produces just the right look for you
  6. Has just the right curl and is beautifully black
  7. Price range that is very comparable


Our vision

*To offer an eyelash extension line that is versatile, innovative, and trendy.

*To offer quick, responsive, good, kind, and flexible service

*Your pleasure is our mission.

Great customer care:

If you have any questions, our customer care is all ears to hear them and answer them correctly. At Define the Line, we believe in building long-term relationships by offering ultimate customer service.

Prompt delivery:

No matter where you reside, through the chain of delivery networks, we ensure you get your purchased products in a quick time.

Eyelashes on fleek:

Say goodbye to hours in the beauty salon having your lashes done.  Say goodbyes to having lashes that are incomplete and missing since now you can put your lash set on in a matter of minutes and fix them when and wherever.

So what are you waiting for? Shop until you drop at our online divine shopping site  :) we are with you - if you need help just email us or just "hop" on to messenger :)